What is a Vaporizer and How Does it Work?

2017 Feb 17th

It’s totally genius, that’s what it is. A way to make smoking easier on the lungs without compromising the taste, the experience or the chill.


But before we get ahead of ourselves, we still need to understand what vaporizers are and how they are used. You have probably figured out by now we’re not talking about the asthma inhaler.

Nope, this is an adult only device and it’s worth getting to know.

A vaporizer, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a device for converting water or a medicated liquid into a vapor for inhalation. But in this case, it can also be used for cigarettes and herbs.

The benefit is it whittles out a lot of the harmful smoke responsible for a lot of sicknesses and diseases. Please note that it doesn’t make smoking entirely harmless, but it certainly is a vast improvement.

Where did it come from and why am I just hearing about it?

Believe it or not, vaporizers, or the action of vaping, has been in existence for thousands of years.

Ancient Egyptians, Scythians and Moguls (a dominating tribe that inhabited large parts of the Middle East) all have documented accounts of vaping.

In the simplest form, it involved heating up herbs to fill a space with their sweet aroma, which people around would inhale. The Moguls however, were able to confine the vapor in a container, for more direct inhalation.

As you would expect, this was a practice for the wealthier individuals, as such apparatuses weren’t so common.

It also explains why vaping seemed to die out of existence for some time.

Cup and Portable Vaporizer

Reborn as an e-Cigarette

For whatever reason, most people are put-off by the thought (or maybe the look and feel) of an electronic cigarette.

So, when Joseph Robinson first filed a patent for a nicotine vaporizer in the U.S. in 1927, nobody thought of ripping his idea off. It was dumb, it was boring and it didn’t make any money.

That was the general consensus until Herbert A. Gilbert was finally able to design a more aesthetically pleasing e-cigarette in 1960. This invention cut out the nicotine entirely, in an attempt to make smoking healthier. What you inhaled instead was flavored steam.

The result? Exactly what you would expect. It bombed. Nobody wanted it. And for a long time after, nobody else came close to anything that made sense.

The American/Dutch Revolution

It wasn’t until a Native American in the early 90s traveled to Amsterdam, that the world got its first commercial and widely-approved vaporizer.

Eagle Bill Amato made the world a better place by turning something pleasurable into a healthier, better and more enjoyable experience.

People all over the world went to inspect and try out the glass tube that allowed users heat up cigarettes or medical marijuana without letting it combust, which maximized the product.

Portable Vaporizer

Can we get that pocket sized?

The problem with Eagle Bill’s design was that it wasn’t portable. So, smoking on the go wasn’t really an option. But the world has come a long way in twenty years.

What was the commercial response? With the profitability of vaporizing proven, many companies went to work, including e-Cig founder Gilbert, with a new company founded in China.

Now the options are endless. Small vaporizers, big ones, fat, skinny, metallic, glass, plastic, you name it. You can easily find one to fit into your pocket, or connect to your PC!

Portable vaporizers work with a power source, heating coils and LED lights to give you the impression of lighting an actual cigarette.

Just walk into your local vaporium or go online to find all your vaping essentials and fanciful extras.

What Do I Need to Begin?

Vaporizers work by burning the oil in your herbs, turning them into vapor. But you don’t always have to use raw plant matter.

Vape-able liquids are the easier and more convenient option. They also heat up easier without burning and without smoke.

What’s more, they come in different flavours, from your traditional plain tobacco or menthol, to the more bizarrely curious crème brulee. Don’t ask, just breathe.

Colourful options are also available for marijuana smokers, or should we say ex-smokers.

What’s the Fuss all About?

All the high-tech gadgetry just to smoke? Why?

As previously mentioned, the main and the most important benefit is that it removes a lot of the toxic substances typically inhaled while smoking. You’re also not burning up and inhaling paper.

The benefits for others is also worth considering. The vapor released has no smell, significantly lowering the risk of second-hand smoke and judgmental strangers (or family).

A lot of states and cities are banning smoking in public places, but this doesn’t affect vaping.

As an add-on, it is also quite friendly to your pocket in the long run. Barring the cost of the initial purchase of the vaporizer, the costs thereafter are cheaper.

When Should I Give it a Go?

The answer is right now.

Not only is vaporizing good for you, it helps the environment too. The United States Food and Drug Administration has touted its benefits for smokers and those who live or breathe in their presence.

Now, the University College London has found that vaping can be used to help people quit smoking. It has been shown to be more effective than other nicotine replacement options.

Frankly, the flavour-options are a big bonus over traditional cigarettes.

If you are worried about your health, the health of those around you, the environment and your finances, vaping might just be what you need.

Take Your Pick

When it comes to vaporizers, flavors and enhancements, there are so many options to choose from. Walk into any vaporium near you or check out a few websites.

With the global vaporizing business inching toward $2 billion in revenue per year, there will certainly be many more companies on the scene trying to make vaping more fashionable and convenient.

Vaping is going to get cheaper, easier and a lot more fun, believe it or not.

But why wait? Order your vaporizers right here.